The viaCycle@GT program is no longer in operation. Read more about it here.

What is viaCycle@gt?

viaCycle@gt is a completely new way to get around Georgia Tech and Midtown Atlanta. You can check out any one of 35 bikes from multiple locations around campus.

Take a bike to get to class, run errands or get to a meeting and simply return it to any viaCycle location when you're done.

viaCycle@gt is completely free to join for Georgia Tech students, staff, and faculty! Sign up now for free!

What is bike-sharing?

Bike sharing is a great way to get access to a bike without buying one or worrying about where to keep it. Bicycles are placed throughout an area, and members can unlock the bikes for short term use.

Bike sharing offers some great advantages:

  • Take a bike whenever you need one
  • No worries over maintenance or storage
  • No waiting for shuttles or taxis